Beginning March 1, 2019 we will sign up in Golf Genius.
You will receive an e-mail giving you a choice to Play or Not Play.
Game is closed Sunday at 10:00 pm the week of play
During the Summer the Pro Shop closes earlier, beginning in June they will be closing at 2:00

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Quail Creek 9 Ladies Golf Association (QC9LGA)

Tournament Managers

Jan Topolski 648-7267
E-mail Click Here

Althea Critchlow 829-6788

Shirley Gray 398-5093

Sherry Gall 625-9188

Ready Golf

Our goal is the golf course standard of a 2 hr 15 min 9-hole round for all players.
1. Ready golf will be emphasized and reiterated every week. Ready golf must become our new normal.
2. There will be a designated time keeper for each foursome. The timekeeper will note on the scorecard the time of completion of the round.
3. The allotted time per hole will be 15 minutes per hole (average) per foursome. This equals the standard 2 hr 15 min per 9-holes.
Ready Golf Rules

Quail Creek Ladies 9 Hole Golf Association
Quail Creek Country Club
Green Valley AZ 85614

Member of Arizona Women's Golf Association