League Play Day:

     QC9LGA league day is Thursday with a Shotgun start.  Information regarding tee time may be found under Calendar on the QC9LGA website, the bi-weekly Newsletter and the Bulletin board in the Pro Shop.  Times change throughout the year based on season.

Sign up to play:

     The league uses Golf Genius for tournaments.  As a member, you will receive an invite to play approximately 10 days prior to the tournament.  At that time you will be asked if you will be “Playing” or “Not Playing”.  IMPORTANT, once you have accepted the invitation, you have committed to play. 

To Change Your Playing Status before Sunday @ 10 p.m:

  1. If you indicated “Playing” go to your email invitation reply and specify “Not Playing” or
  2. If you did not respond to the original Golf Genius email (which indicates that you are not playing) then go back to the invitation and indicate “Playing’ or
  3. Go to the Golf Genius website: in your browser, type  Sign in using the log on screen.  If you wish to change your election to “Playing or “Not Playing” click on the QC9LGA +(year) and a screen will come up to allow you to make your selection.

If you do not cancel before 10:00 p.m. Sunday night:

  • Before the day of play, call the appropriate Tournament Chair.  Check the website or Newsletter for the current Tournament Chairs responsible for that weeks’s pairings.  The Tournament Chair may also be found on the Golf Genius request for play. 
  • To cancel the day of play, call the Pro Shop @ 520.393.5802.

Tee Times & Pairings:

     Tee times and pairings are posted no later than Wednesday.  Pairings will be sent via Golf Genius e-mail to those playing that week and will be available on Golf Genius website. 

Frost Delay:

     Notification of frost delays will be sent to those who have signed up to play via e-mail by Golf Genius or Pro-Shop.  You may also contact the Frost Line at 520.393.5817.

On the Date of Play:

  • Cost includes the green fees for 9 holes plus an amount of $5.00 that goes into a weekly prize fund.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your tee time to register and pay.
  • If you are using your golf cart, park in the designated space (by Hole#) in the staging area.  Rangers will be there to guide you.  
  • 11 Stroke Rule:  This rule applies during QC9LGA league play.  After 11 strokes you must pick up your ball. 
  • Your goal is to follow the rules of golf and correctly score all strokes. This is very important especially since prize payouts are affected by scores.
  • We ask that you repair ball marks on the greens and divots in the fairways.  There is a container on the tee box for broken tees to be placed.

Score Cards:

  • There is one official score card for each team.  One person is responsible for marking scores.  Additionally, the other should mark scores on a QC score card to compare scores before finalizing.
  • Score cards must be dated, signed and attested to at the end of each round.
  • The card must then IMMEDIATELY be placed in the designated area in the Pro Shop. Failure to sign, attest and turn in the official score card may result in disqualification.

Weekly Winners:

     Winnings are added to your North Star account by the Pro Shop and must be used by December 31.  Winners will be notified by Golf Genius email.

Posting Scores:

  • League Days:  The score card must indicate your ACTUAL score up to the maximum of 11 strokes.  The Tournament Managers will post all league day scores into the GHIN system.
  • Non-League Days:  Players are responsible for posting their own scores on GHIN as soon as possible preferably before midnight on the day they played their round.
  • We strongly recommend members post all scores via GHIN or AGA cell phone app so that they can post scores immediately from anywhere they play golf. Members who play away from Quail Creek and who are seasonal residents, should post all scores that abide by the Rules of Golf.

Social Membership:  

     Any current or former member who is unable to play golf may become a social member at a fee of $10 per year.  She will be allowed to participate in all social functions and attend meetings.

Monthly Meetings:

     General meetings are held monthly except during summer months.

Attendance at the general monthly meetings is encouraged.  During the meetings, rules are explained, upcoming tournaments are planned and it’s a great opportunity to get to know other members and learn about the league.

Special Events:

     To sign up for special events, deposit your check in the designated envelope in the QC9LGA area in the Pro Shop.  Checks should be payable to QC9LGA.

Most Improved Golfer Award:

     This award will be based on a comparison of handicaps from January 1 through November 30.  To qualify you must have played at least six (6) league times during the 11-month period prior to the event.    The award is presented at the December luncheon.

State Medallion Award:

     The award is based on the best gross and net scores over 4 designated play days typically held during the first months of the calendar year, of which the member must have played two (2) time to qualify.  The qualifying gross and net winners are then eligible to compete in the State Medallion Tournament.  To qualify you must have played at least six (6) league times during the 11-month period prior to the event.  

Club Championship:  

     The Club champion is determined by the low gross scores for all three of the designated play dates.  Qualifying is held during the winter months over three (3) league play days. To qualify you must have played at least six (6) league times during the 11-month period prior to the event.  The name of the Club Champion is engraved on the perpetual trophy located in the Pro Shop.

President’s Cup:

     The winner is based on the low net on the two designated league play days.  Qualifying is over two (2) league play days. To qualify you must have played at least six (6) league times during the 11-month period prior to the event.  The name of the President’s Cup Winner is engraved on the perpetual trophy located in the Pro Shop.

Junior Tournament:

     This tournament is held in conjunction with the golf unit at Continental Middle School.  We host 18 boys and 18 girls and pair them with 36 QC9 members.  This is usually held in the spring and the final date is determined by the school in accordance with student activities.

QC 9/Putter Tournament:

     This tournament features a QC Ladies 9 hole member paired with a putter. The  QC9LGA member plays from the tee box and the putter takes over when the ball reaches the green.

Inter-Club Charity Event:

   This inter-club tournament held by QC9LGA, QCLGA and the QC Lady Putters us a fund-raiser for local, under-served charities and is usually held in the fall. 

QC9LGA & Duffers League Tournament:

     This annual tournament with the Duffers is typically held in late fall. Usually, the 9 hole women are not paired with their significant other.

Outside Invitational Events:

     Information flyers are listed in the Newsletter and in a binder in the QC9LGA area in the Pro-Shop.  Invitationals take place during the winter/spring season.  They are a great opportunity to play other courses in the Tucson area, some of which are private.

These guidelines may be amended by majority vote of the Executive Board at any meeting provided notice of the proposed action has been given.