Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for lady golfers, while offering to assist and support each member to attain her goals. It is our mission to encourage each member to have a memorable experience by offering an environment of comradely, support, and friendship while learning the rules and etiquette of golf…and most importantly in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our Goals Our basic goal is to have fun. In order to accomplish this, we’ve tried to eliminate the stress involved in learning (or re-learning) how to play golf.  Our Tournament Chairperson provides a gradual presentation of simple, fun tournaments. Our Rules Chairperson provides an ongoing review of rules. And, we all provide great social interaction. To sum it up, our 9 Hole group is a great place to have Fun!
  Quail Creek Ladies 9 Hole Golf Association
Quail Creek Country Club
Green Valley AZ 85614

Member of Arizona Women’s Golf Association
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