Quail Creek Ladies 9 Hole Golf League

Quail Creek Ladies 9 Hole Golf League

Quail Creek Ladies 9 Hole Golf League

Membership Chair: Peggy Kimes,

Any QC resident or renter who meets qualifications as defined in the by-laws is eligible to join the QC9LGA. New Members must go to to join AGA and submit club dues.

Go to:

Click on: Join Button>Member Club> Quail Creek Lady 9ers

Complete the information as requested.

Note: The system will ask for payment in the amount of $50.00 to join; $35.00 for AGA, $15.00 Club fees.

Please note: AGA does not accept two members with the same email address. You must have a unique email if your significant other is currently using or planning to use AGA.

Upon completion of the application and payment above, you will be contacted by one of the members who will advise you that you are set up on Golf Genius. In addition, the membership chair will also contact you with information to acquaint you with the game of golf and the workings of our club.

New Members Without a Handicap: New Members will automatically receive their GHIN number upon receipt of their on-line sign up with AGA. In order to establish your handicap index, you will need to complete 54 holes either by playing 3, 18-hole rounds, or 6, 9-hole rounds. New members can play with our league on Thursdays to work towards establishing their handicap index. However, they cannot participate in the winnings until their handicap index is established.

New members with a current index (handicap) must provide a GHIN number on the membership application.

Scores must be posted on the mobile Apps or Websites. It is recommended that players new to golf post their gross scores hole by hole. Members should post scores according to the tees and course played. Scores to establish a new handicap index must be from the current year, played by the rules of golf and attested by another player who has a handicap index.

Sign up for Play: Thursday is the league play day. Sign up deadline is Sunday @ 10:00 pm.
To Cancel: Contact one of the Tournament Chairs: Jan Topolski 907-227-7666, Althea Critchlow 829-6788, Shirley Gray 398-5093 or Sherry Gall 625-9188. If you must cancel on Thursday, call the Pro Shop 393-5802. Call the Pro Shop Frost Delay, 393-5817 when there is inclement weather.